Most Popular Types of Welcome Bonuses

The standard at online casinos is a welcome bonus consisting of a deposit bonus and free spins. Although in a given casino you can also come across many other variants of welcome bonuses. Some casinos may offer several welcome bonuses to choose from, or an entire welcome package that includes several bonuses on your first few deposits. Explore the most popular types of welcome offers online casinos offer.

Deposit Bonus
The Extra Cash Welcome Bonus is by far the most common bonus offer at real money online casinos. Why do online casinos choose this form of bonuses? Because such a welcome bonus looks good and gives the impression of a very generous gift. In addition, casinos may introduce many restrictions and regulations in the regulations of such a bonus, thanks to which they can protect themselves against being overpowered by players. How? For example, by introducing a high wagering requirement or restricting the selection of games on which a wagering requirement can be fulfilled. Does this mean that it is not worth reaching for such a welcome bonus? Of course not. The welcome bonus in the form of extra cash to play is a great chance to extend your game and more opportunities to hit bigger wins.

No deposit bonus
The no deposit welcome bonus is probably the best welcome bonus we can find at an online casino. Such a bonus means that we will get extra cash from the casino or free spins without having to deposit our own money. The no deposit welcome bonus is usually smaller than the traditional welcome bonus offered by online casinos and is to be expected to have more stringent terms and conditions. After all, it is not worth counting that the casino, a company that was established to earn real money, will give us something completely for free. A no deposit bonus can most often be found at a new casino, although this is not necessarily the case.

Free play bonuses at casinos
The Free Play Bonus is another start bonus that online casinos can offer. Such a bonus is simply free funds to start. However, this welcome bonus has some time limitations. The free play bonus is active for no more than 24 hours. But still it's a great bonus, after all, with it you don't have to spend your own money to play at the casino. Such an online casino welcome bonus is usually not high, but it is still worth taking advantage of. After all, it's free. If any funds remain in your account after the bonus time has expired, this is your win. Remember that winnings are also a bonus, therefore you will have to fulfill the wagering requirements before you can cash them out.

Welcome bonus in the form of free spins
Online casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus as often as the deposit bonus. This is the second most popular welcome bonus on the market. Free spins are simply a few spins on a machine chosen by the casino. Depending on the online casino, you can count on several dozen, up to several hundred free spins. Free spins also have their own rules and it may be different for each casino. Usually, online casinos limit the maximum amount of money you can win from free spins. Often you can also come across a record that limits your time to spend your spins. If you don't have time to use them within the specified time frame, your free spins will simply be forfeited. Play responsibly and always read the terms and conditions of the bonus offers.

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