How to recognize a betrayal

You suspect your man may be having an affair? You know something is going on, but don't you have any hard evidence that another woman may be the cause of your anxiety? Before you decide to have a serious conversation, check that your partner's behavior does not match the points below.

The most obvious sign of betrayal is, of course, traces of lipstick on his shirt, or the smell of another woman on his body or clothes. If you find these types of marks, you can almost feel like you've caught him red-handed. In this situation, you should either start clarifying the matter with him right away, or wait a while and focus on looking for other evidence that he may in fact cheat on you.

2 He has never been a special supporter of overtime, but has often been staying longer at work for some time? If you are certain that his workplace does not suddenly have responsibilities that he cannot cope with in eight hours, you may suspect that this is just an excuse.

3 He is absent even when he is physically next to you, he does not notice you. Still pensive? He seems to be listening to you, but he cannot hear what you say.

4 Begins to take much more care of himself. It's not just that he leaves the house well-dressed, fragrant, he also signed up for a gym, jogs, or went on a diet. You should also be concerned about taking showers more often (if you were not in the habit of taking a daily bath at bedtime before). This behavior may be caused by a desire to wash the traces of another woman from her body - primarily her scent.

He can also not only take better care of himself, but also his car, if he has one. Does he clean the car much more often? Perhaps he is also doing this to remove any traces of the other one.

5 Suggestions from family and friends. Usually, people who know something cannot speak openly about their suspicions, fearing to hurt the person who is possibly being betrayed. So they delicately try to convey to her that perhaps their partner is not honest with her. Listen to what your loved ones are saying, don't be afraid to ask questions and pull on the topic if you feel that someone close to you might be trying to tell you something unpleasant about your man.

6 He begins to make accusations, attacks you, claiming that you are exaggerating with envy. It may also happen that he himself begins to accuse you of treason. He does this either to distract your attention or because he measures you with his measure. Since he can cheat on you, he assumes you can.

7 She does not part with her phone, even in the bathroom. He often sends or receives a text message, and when he is talking on the phone, he tries to keep you from witnessing the conversation.

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